SEPMA is a company where we have made joint efforts to bring the vision together with many talents. We aim at creating a cultural exchange between countries through Art, Music, Food, and Fashion. SEP has a significant number of successful national and international events to its credit and association with top tier celebrities, stylists, socialites and artists

Huma Nassr

CEO House of Braahtii
& Shaan-e-Pakistan

House of Braahtii is well known because of its high and unique trendsetting lines since 2006. It has been active in International Markets as in the local Territories of Pakistan by Huma Nassr. In the capacity of PR Marketing Strategist, she aims at creating a platform that encourages the propagation of ideas and creativity in all domains, one that drives universality and peace while celebrating all commonalities and differences alike. Her association with top national and international media publications has proved to be an added value to the brand ‘Shaan-e-Pakistan’. Ms Nasr is a master in hosting and being a spokesperson for brands.
She has been organizing solo exhibitions with the niche clients of UAE, UK being the active markets for our Company, whereas frequent exports to the United States and Canada, make it a popular brand worldwide too. Focusing on International trade aspects to improvise trade barters between countries, She aims to do import and export products such as Industrial goods like artistic paints raw material, creative artists work, apparel, textiles, and accessories.
She uses the proper bank method to help with the major banks associate with as per the terms required for any import or export. She does not only is improvising trade but also boosting the service industry by bringing talent and associated service providers for relevant purposes to boost many areas of industries and sectors. She is a culture promoter who believes cross border collaboration and concept building by interchange trade. The main public relationship and business consultant forte bring the best for women enterprises to rise together. She believes in together we grow and so trying to utilize best resources for bringing Pakistan name on world globe as a positive nation and businesses people are invited to invest in our country.
“It always has been my dream to provide a platform for people who are passionate about whatever they do, and this helps me achieve that. We are not just spreading art, we are spreading ideology.” -Huma Nassr

Malik Khadim

He is a running Foundation Since 1995 servings the foundation, Non-Profit,
Commercials, Non-Commercial Business & individuals thus, escalate &
find Economic places to serve as a one-stop solution from Real Estate Marketing & Business Development and Religious Association. Also, untiring work ethos for an unconditional approach and building many people Small Businesses of women tribe give opportunities for jobs.

He is a Social worker and Media coordinator and the Key is creating avenues & support system by his hard work unconditional approach.



Zelle Huma and Malik Khadim are the running Social Foundation Entities. TOGETHER WE GROW is our mission and we work for cause & movement!!